I have begun the process of educating myself on the brain disorder that my son has. Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. 

 I have blogged before that I grew up in a family with four kids, two of which had ADHD. 

I grew up in that environment but I never really knew all the intricate workings of a brain afflicted with ADHD. 

I’ve read one book and started on a second. These explain the definition of ADHD, how and why these kids behave the way they do, and explains ways for parents and teachers to appropriately manage these kids to help them fulfil their potential. 

I am learning so much from reading these books. I am looking at my son through new, more educated eyes. I can see now why he says some of the things he says and does some of the things he does. 

He’s not purposely trying to piss me off. He’s not purposely not trying to cause mayhem. 

He has “insufficient quantities of certain chemical messengers in [the child’s] brain.” (Mark Selikowitz, 2009, The Facts: ADHD, Oxford University Press).

Over the following weeks I will be writing posts surrounding the information I am learning. 

I hope that people will read them and understand a bit more about ADHD as a “Hidden Handicap” (explained by the late Dr Gordon Serfontein, the doctor my brothers saw).

I hope that people who are in contact with children with ADHD will understand their behaviour a little more from reading my blog. 

ADHD is a very complex disorder which involves poor impulse control, low self esteem, task impersistence, disorganisation, forgetfulness, poor working memory, sleep problems, nosiness, insatiability, poor incentival motivation, learning difficulties, defiant behaviour and social clumsiness, just to name a few. 

I will base my posts on these different areas. More to organise it all in my mind so I can understand it better, but also to spread the word!