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Let's face it. No mum really knows what she's doing.


December 2016


The other night I only had two children. 'Only' she says!  The two big boys went to see the monster trucks and I was home alone with Mr 3  and baby.  Back when I only had two children I felt... Continue Reading →

Can’t do everything

I broke down. In a public place. It wasn't silent crying behind a tissue. It was choking on the big fat obvious tears streaming (not just rolling!) down my cheeks.  It's been a huge week. My brother is leaving for... Continue Reading →

Nothing stays the same

We are on holidays and I'm patting our three year old son to sleep. He's at such a great age. Toilet trained, eats most everything, doesn't need a day sleep and can talk.  Boy can he talk. He says the... Continue Reading →

Here comes the bride

When our first son was eleven days old we went to a wedding. It was the wedding of two very good friends and  hubby was in the bridal party.   Now I was still recovering from an emergency Caesarian, traumatic... Continue Reading →

Understanding ADHD. 

I grew up in a family with three younger brothers. Two of them had ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder). I love all my brothers to death but some parts of childhood were a bit tricky.  Poor impulse control meant I... Continue Reading →

A thousand voices 

I recently went to see the ballet with a friend (let's call her Beth). While waiting for the performance to start she got a text message from another lovely lady (let's call her Belle) who had a dream.  In this... Continue Reading →

I’m here for you 

To the woman hiding behind her sunglasses, eyes dark from comforting her infant until the wee hours of the morning- I'm here for you.  To the woman wandering the supermarket aisles, too tired to remember what she needs- I'm here... Continue Reading →

What you can’t explain 

Every new mum says they heard what their friends had told them before the baby was born but they didn't really understand it until it happened.  You can't explain how you can love and despise your child all at the... Continue Reading →

Oh how life changes

*this post is dedicated to my new mother's group first time mummas.  You're pregnant with your first. No doubt you've got ideas in your head of what it will be like.  I'll skip over the pregnancy part and delve straight... Continue Reading →

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