Sleep deprivation. It seriously is a form of torture. Google tells me sleep deprivation was used as a form of torture over the years by the Brits, the Yankees, the Russians and the Japanese. 
Sleep deprivation affects the brain, heart, nervous system and causes many other symptoms in the sufferer. 
Of course being sleep deprived due to a baby waking all night is different to sleep deprivation being used as a form of torture during wartime. I just wanted to point out…well….you know. I’m far too tired to explain myself…
As a sleep deprived mother, the smallest, mundane tasks seem insurmountable. Making school lunches. Doing washing. Being happy. 
Eyeballs hot and scratchy. Arms and legs as heavy as lead. Slight nauseated feeling. Cry at the drop of a hat. (I just pictured a hat dropping to the floor, me looking at it and bursting into tears.. Random!!) Brain a pile of custard coated fairy floss. 
But there are little people who rely on me. And I can’t just crawl back under the covers to make up for lost sleep time. Mmmmm…, clean sheets, warm blanket, head melting into the pillow, eyes closing, mind drifting off….
Stop it. Ok. As I was saying there’s four young men who need me to attend to their needs. So I do what I can to distract myself from being so tired. 
Like buying a bunch of shit from ikea and rearranging the whole house. What a perfect, fatigue-induced idea!! Idiot. 
Now I have a house with walkways I have to turn sideways and breathe in just to pass through. Piles of crap everywhere. And absolutely no energy to sort it out!!! 
Anyway, three out of four of the kids are asleep. Time for a nice, relaxing shower, jammies and a good book. Of which I’ll probably read four pages and fall asleep… Zzzzzzzzz……