Last night was Halloween. Our kids have no idea what Halloween actually means, all they know is that they get to dress up and wander the neighbourhood collecting treats. I guess I should teach them the true meaning! 

Anyway, I felt uncomfortable with them just knocking on a door for free chocolate, so Mr 7  had a card trick for them. We were going to write thank you notes or something but ran out of time! 

When he asked if they wanted a trick a few said no, perhaps thinking he would throw slime on them or something! But it’s a pretty cool card trick and he baffled quite a few people. 

While I was ambling along behind the boys I thought how lovely it was meeting people in our community and having a little chat. There were a few elderly people and I wondered how often they had people come knocking. 

It made me think that there are people in our street we haven’t even met yet, and we’ve been here almost nine years. What happened to neighbours knowing eachother? What happened to neighbours helping and looking out for eachother? What happened to the old fashioned notion of the village? 

It seems that these days people get on their cars, drive to wherever they need to go, drive back home and go into their house. Everyone is so busy and time poor, myself included. This shouldn’t be an excuse. 

Things like Facebook are amazing in bringing people together in cyberspace. Online support groups are vital for all aspects of living life. But actually getting out there and amongst it was so lovely. It was nice to have that human contact and see the smiles on people’s faces when Mr 7 did his card trick for them!