I’ve started meeting up weekly with my fourth mothers group. It’s always tricky meeting new people and paving the way for new friendships to form. Luckily we all have a new baby so that is always a starting point for conversation. We started going to each other’s houses, awkwardly sitting around sipping on tea. 
But now, after a few short months, I’ve found these women  to be amazing. Open, not judgemental, honest, not competitive, warm, welcoming and kind. These are attributes I look for in people I surround myself with and I feel so blessed to have found these chicks. 
Yesterday concreted my thoughts, that being that these chicks rock. We had our cups of tea, fruit and chocolate biscuits. We began talking about the babies but thatquickly  turned to many other topics such as our childhoods, abortion, unplanned pregnancies, vaginas and marriage. 
I haven’t sat with a group of women who are such new friends and felt so accepted, supported, listened to and there was absolutely no judgement or competitiveness.  It was so liberating and made me feel so warm and fuzzy.  All too often I find myself with ladies who feel the need to outdo each other in relation to their house, their car, their children’s clothing label, the amount of extra activities  their kids do, the holidays they’re taking and so on. Its exhausting!
I can’t afford to and more importantly can’t be bothered keeping up with all that. My house is warm in winter, cool in summer and is home to my family. Its not fancy or large, but its cosy and its ours. My children wear clothes from kmart and they couldn’t care less, neither could i! They’re naked most of the time anyway!
I’ve also found that reconnecting with childhood friends is priceless. The girls in the photo are my ballet friends. We grew up plié-ing, pirouette-ing and arabesque-ing together and I loved every minute. Those chicks know me so well and I feel so comfortable around them. Hold onto these types of friendships, they’re good for the soul.
I wasn’t initially going to go to mothers group yesterday but I’m so glad I did. They’re amazing chicks and it renewed my faith in good people. Likeminded people. Real people. And it reminded me how much women need other women. To know that you’re not alone in your struggles and there are chicks there to support you, listen to you, give advice or just a warm cup of tea. 
EDITED: I’ve just realised this story may read as though my other mothers groups are crap. TOTALLY NOT THE CASE!! They are all awesome women!!!