I went to a yoga class with my mum and brother. It was in a private studio of a lady who lives a very natural lifestyle. Her property was so friendly and calm.
 The class was at the end of a very busy day, trying to fit everything into certain timeframes, making sure everything was done and everyone was attended to. 

It began with getting the two big boys ready for school and dropping them off before heading into work for a few hours. I then drove from the north shore to the northern beaches to pick up my brother (who is leaving in a week for Canada). We drove to the dense bush of the hills district, picking up mum along the way. We had a quick picnic lunch in the bush before heading back to get the boys after school to take them for a doctors appointment. 

From the doctor we were sent straight to the X-ray place to make sure Hayden’s arm wasn’t fractured (it’s fine). Then home for dinner and bath time, and back out again to the yoga class. 
Needless to say I was shattered. The class was exactly what my frazzled mind and very out of shape body needed. At the end of the class, the teacher asked if I would like a blanket while we meditated. I said yes please and she placed the blanket over me, making sure I was covered from my chest to my toes. 

As I was meditating, my mind wandered and I realised I couldn’t remember the last time someone covered me up with a blanket. It was an action that felt so thoughtful and caring and selfless that a few tears rolled silently down my cheek. 

Sometimes a very small gesture, such as covering someone with a blanket, can have a profound effect. I am a very busy mother of four who is always thinking one step ahead to make sure everyone is looked after to the best of my ability. But in that moment, I felt looked after, and it brought me to tears. 
Look outside yourself, look around you, and do something for someone else which does not benefit you at all. If you see a friend struggling, don’t think ‘I’m struggling too’. Instead think ‘what can I do to help her?’

I will definitely be trying to do this much more often. That moment in the yoga class helped me to open my mind more to others.  We need to look after ourselves and those around us.