I was out driving today and I had a thought. If we had only had one or two children we would have so much more spare time and money to do exciting things like go on nice holidays or buy that little boat I’ve always wanted or have more date nights as it’s easier to find babysitters for two kids than four. 

I started feeling envious of people who have less kids then me. But then I shook myself off and mentally slapped my cheek. 

What was I thinking??? I know full well that people are more important than things. I believe spending time together as a family is important, not the location. The boys have three siblings each to lean on, learn from, get into trouble with and make awesome memories. 

And I believe that is more important than having the best brand of trampoline or having every gadget under the sun. Or even having that boat (although that would create some amazing memories and bonding time…. One day…. One day…)

We have been blessed with the capacity to create these four delicious little humans and they don’t need overseas holidays. Port Stephens will do just nicely!! 

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m grateful for my family of men. Life is crazy, busy, noisy, messy but entertaining, full of love and jam-packed with adventure. We may not be able to have fancy things or eat at fancy restaurants or go on fancy holidays but we have eachother. And to me, that’s the most important thing.