When Noah William was born I thought “I’ve totally got this. One baby was not as hard as I thought. How hard can two children be? I teach a class of 20 four year olds for god’s sake.”

But the first seven weeks of his little life were absolute hell. He screamed and screamed and screamed. And then when I thought there was nothing left, he screamed some more. 

We had no idea what the hell was wrong with this child. Daytime. Nighttime. It didn’t matter. All he did was scream. And it wasn’t just a normal baby crying. It was a scream that told me something was hurting. Something wasn’t right. 

I can remember some nights I was sitting on a dining chair in his room trying anything to get him to sleep. And he would not shut up. And I was so tired and so angry that I had to make myself put him down and walk out of the room. Because if I didn’t I was so sleep deprived and so angry that I was worried I would hurt him. 
I walked out of the room in tears. Why wouldn’t he stop crying???

When he was six weeks old he got a fever. The only reason I knew he was sick was because he stopped crying. I questioned the paediatrician as to why this child screams all the time and his response? “Oh he’s just got colic. Typical colicky behaviour.”

I felt like he hardly listened to me and dismissed my concerns. My gut was telling me something else was wrong. So when I went to the community health centre I asked the midwife. Luckily Noah put on a performance for her and she immediately told me he had silent reflux and needed meds. 
I went to the GP, got the meds and he was a completely different baby. I felt so justified in my worry and that I wasn’t imagining things. 

Trust your mother instincts. You know your baby best and keep pushing until you get answers. Even if you feel foolish you are the voice for your child and you need to stand up for him.