So I was chatting with a friend last night about the difference in joy and excitement from friends and family surrounding a firstborn compared to a fourth born. 
With our first baby the excitement levels from those around us were at an epic high. Practically everyone we knew visited at the hospital or at home, gifts, flowers, packages and the rest. The birth of a baby is a very special moment and we shared the mammoth excitement. 
By the time our fourth baby was born, you’d think I’d gone into hospital to have an ingrown toe nail removed or something. I’m not upset or offended, just very curious as to what makes people think that a fourth baby is any less exciting than a first. 
For me, I believe each and every baby born is a miracle. I read a book once on how infertile us human beings are as a general rule compared to other animals in nature. There are so many, many factors which have to align for a baby to be conceived, let alone grow into a miniature human. Therefore when a baby is actually conceived, grown and born, it really is a truly wonderful thing. 
Every time a baby is born, be it my own or some else’s, I marvel at the amazing process that has just happened to bring this baby into the world. Whether it’s a first baby or a fourth baby, they’re all simply incredible.  
We have been very blessed to be given our four sons. I do not take either one for granted, even our little surprise baby Leo. I gladly accept the responsibility and challenge of raising these boys and will make sure they turn into caring, honest, selfless, gentle men. They are all amazing in their own way and I love them beyond measure.