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Let's face it. No mum really knows what she's doing.


October 2016

The good chick brigade

I've started meeting up weekly with my fourth mothers group. It's always tricky meeting new people and paving the way for new friendships to form. Luckily we all have a new baby so that is always a starting point for... Continue Reading →

The human touch

I went to a yoga class with my mum and brother. It was in a private studio of a lady who lives a very natural lifestyle. Her property was so friendly and calm.  The class was at the end of... Continue Reading →

People vs Stuff 

I was out driving today and I had a thought. If we had only had one or two children we would have so much more spare time and money to do exciting things like go on nice holidays or buy... Continue Reading →


This is such a tricky and controversial area of parenting as everyone does it differently and everyone has an opinion of how to discipline their children.  So this post will be my opinion of how I feel I should discipline... Continue Reading →

First time vs fourth time

Here are a few comparisons on what I've found the difference to be between being a first time mum and a forth timer.  1. Routine.  First time round my child was on a strict routine for sleeping and feeding from... Continue Reading →

Trust yourself 

When Noah William was born I thought "I've totally got this. One baby was not as hard as I thought. How hard can two children be? I teach a class of 20 four year olds for god's sake." But the... Continue Reading →

My heart hurts

So today I'm focussing on positivity. It can quickly become a slippery slope into negativity and depression for me and I just want to hide away. So I'm turning that negativity into gratitude and joy.  There are often moments where... Continue Reading →


The older I get the better I am at listening to my gut. Not just when it says "i need that chocolate" (which it does far too often), but when I feel I'm in a situation that doesn't sit well... Continue Reading →

Bottle or boob?

In those early days with a newborn, feeding takes pride of place in the worry/guilt department. Breastfeeding for some comes easily, but for others it is hard, often painful and to many women feels very unnatural (why would you stick... Continue Reading →

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