So I had someone recently say to me “I don’t know where you find the time to blog”. It wasn’t said in a nice way, it was said in a way that meant ‘you have four kids and a dog and a house to run. Isn’t that enough?’ Like when someone tells you “you look beautiful” in a way you know they think you look like an overweight whale who has unsuccessfully tried to squeeze into a tiny frock. 
It’s my therapy. It’s my downtime. It’s my me-time. I’m allowed to let the kids watch tv or play on their own for a bit while I write. Or I stay up longer than I should after a night feed because my mind comes alive. Like right now at 1:47am. Hence the name Hello 1am!! 
I’m learning to filter out judgmental comments and carry on with my day. Some people don’t care or don’t understand and that’s fine. 
I write because I bloody love it and I make time to do it. There’s always time to be made for things you enjoy. Even if you have four kids, a dog and a house to run!!