I’ve learned since becoming a mum that kids don’t need super expensive, fancy toys or holidays. They can create bucket loads of fun with things such as a hose, a plastic cup, a muddy puddle and a couple of brothers. 
It’s school holidays for us now and as much as we would love to take everyone to a beautiful resort overseas and stick the kids in kids club, we just aren’t in a position to do that.
Sometimes staying home is easier with small children, and they can have just as much fun. You just have to be inventive. 
Today I made them turn off the screens and go outside to enjoy the warmest, most beautiful day we’ve had for months. And they’ve had a ball!! 
They played ‘Water Men’. Only rule is don’t hose the other person once they’re past the clothes line. They played ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’, they surfed in the muddy puddle, they had a picnic on the grass. 

Good for them! 

But what would I really love to be doing?? Dozing off in a comfy pool chair at the adults pool somewhere tropical….