Can you see that tiny white speck in the photo? 
I was sitting at my favourite spot, looking out to sea. I saw a yacht sailing far in the distance, away from the storm. And it made me think. Do you ever feel like that? Trying your best to walk (or sometimes run!) away from the drama, the stress, the negativity. Trying to head toward the sunshine: the positive, happy peaceful place where you feel loved, accepted and truly at peace. 
I think it takes a lot of strength for people to firstly realise they’re in a position in their lives where they’re unhappy, not the person they once were. And secondly to make the choice to take a journey toward the sunshine. The courage some people have to do that is immense. 
To seek sunny days is amazing. Sometimes it can be as simple as walking out of the house, leaving the washing up and mess (it will still be there when u get back!) and doing something simply because it makes you happy. The mundane housework can always wait. 


If I need a bit of peace I like to drive down to the beach and stare out to sea. The horizon is so far away, and the sky is so vast. It puts me into my place and gives me perspective again. Sometimes only briefly, but enough to feel energised and refreshed. 
And in the summertime I love to dive under the waves and let them wash over me. Makes me feel so alive!! 
Here’s to you sunshine seeking folks. It may be tricky to walk toward the sunny days but you’ll learn so much on the journey along the way.