It’s a bloody bastard. It’s that little hand tightening around your throat or squeezing your guts and that little voice making your brain think all sorts of irrational, untrue but very real thoughts. 

When it’s not there you can tell yourself that you’re perfectly fine and all those thoughts are just rubbish and silly. But when the crazy takes over those silly, rubbish thoughts seem extremely real and not silly in the slightest. 
They can cloud your judgement and make everyday life seem quite impossible. Your world shrinks to the room you’re sitting in and everything else apart from what you’re thinking about seems irrelevant. 

This is when you need good, strong, loving people around you. People who will listen to your anxiety driven ramblings and try to do whatever they can to make you feel better. 

What you don’t need are people who ignore your anxious state, or people who feed it. Steer clear of these people. You know who they are. 

Find your tribe. Those people who love you for every single flawed, anxious, vulnerable piece and don’t let them go. Tell them how much they mean to you. Make time to be with them. And love yourself. Nobody is perfect, everyone has their own silent battles they’re fighting. Look out for eachother. Xx