Am I doing it right?
There’s no such thing. Because what is right for one baby won’t work for another. And sometimes what works for the baby one week won’t work for the same baby two weeks later!! 
If you’re doing it right then your baby is thriving. Happy, healthy, with a happy and healthy mum. Whether that means you feed your baby with a bottle or a boob. Whether your baby sleeps in a cot/bassinet/your bed/carrier/pram. Whether you feed it fruit or veg or meat or rice cereal. Whether you have a set routine or just wing it each day. 
There are so many variables to each family and each child and each mother. Culture, age, life experience, parent’s jobs, size of the family, the journey to parenthood, our own childhood, etc etc. 
So we really aren’t in a place to make judgement on the way another mother goes about raising her kid/s. We should just support each other, give advice when necessary, ask for help when necessary and take the competition out of being a mum. 
Because no one is doing it exactly right. There’s no such thing. Who is the authority as to the right way to parent our kids anyway?! 
Do what works for you. If your kids are clean, full, warm and shown love then congratulations. It’s working.