So I took Leo to the dr for his four month vaccinations. She’s got three girls and two younger step sons. She was talking about the difference between how girls and boys play and that what seems normal for a boy mum is sometimes horrifying to girl mums! For example…
Climbing. Boys climb. On everything. And always to the highest point of whatever it is they’re climbing on. I’ve learned to give in and let go. It’s like a weird primeval force inside them or something. Like they’re cave men searching for the highest point to find the animal to hunt for dinner. I don’t get it but there you go. 
Fighting. It starts from very young and as far as I can tell it still going well into their 30’s (the foresight of having three brothers!) They play fight to assert dominance or release built up testosterone or God knows why. And the play fight ends in real fighting about 97% of the time. Wouldn’t it be more enjoyable to sit and draw a lovely picture? Nope. Let’s fight til someone says the ‘safe word’!! And they all know once the safe word is said, time to stop. 
Farting. It’s as common as breathing in my house. But let’s face it. A well timed, good sounding fart is pretty damn hilarious. 
Using weapons. I tried my hardest to resist these coming into my house but from very young ages they would use whatever they had as a weapon. A pencil, a stick, their own hand. So again, let it go. But we always talk about the fact the weapons hurt people and they must be careful. 
Sport. Soccer ball, football, cricket ball, tennis ball. At least one of these are used each day in my household. I’m glad for them that they’ve got a brother so close in age to have a playmate. 
Now I’m sure there are houses with girls who do everything I’ve mentioned above. Just as my boys also engage in amazing dramatic play (we had one play experience a few days ago where the three big boys were in the war trying to escape the Nazis. “Don’t worry about me, save your brother!!”, says Hayden), read books, do drawings, play gently (yep, gently!) on the piano, play dress-ups, wear make up, play with dolls. 
And I adore that they have a rough, crazy ‘boy’ side as well as being soft, caring and gentle. My boys rock!!