Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of a good friend at a lovely restaurant in Mosman. Beautiful day, beautiful views of the harbour and ocean, beautiful friends and delicious food! 
After lunch we browsed the little gift shop. I had brought Baby Leo with us and he was an angel. While looking through the sweet children’s gifts the sales lady came over and cooed over Leo, saying how cute he is. Of course I agreed! She said that boys are adorable, again I agreed saying I had three others at home. 
She then went on the ask whether I wanted a girl and that all mothers should have a girl. “I have a girl”, she said smugly. I said that would have been nice but we were blessed with four healthy gorgeous little boys and they’re amazing. She continued on saying that boys always leave their mothers when they get married but girls stay closer to their mothers.  
Surely she was joking… I laughed it off and said that my boys will always stay close and look after me. She continued to disagree saying that the boys will stay closer to their wives side and she was lucky to have her girl who would stay closer to her. 
I took great offence to this. It was as if I chose to have only boys and didn’t care that they would ‘leave’ me. Being polite I just walked away, but couldn’t stop thinking about it. 
I hope that my children and I develop a lovely close bond into adulthood which means that we spend a lot of time together, whether they’re married or not! I hope that they marry nice people and we can all create happy memories together. I love my boys beyond words and look forward to the crazy adventures they have in store!