So this week I’ve had most of my boys home sick. Hayden with the flu, Noah with a double ear infection and Sam with temps and snot and coughs. So far Leo is in the clear. 
As a result I’ve been stuck at home day and night with the occasional trip to the supermarket or school run. Brain stimulating stuff. The inside of my house is starting to make me go crazy. I swear the rooms are getting smaller. The days and nights are starting to blend into one and the same. 
Usually writing helps me but I feel so bogged down that even writing isn’t helping. My head is spaced out on sleep deprivation and not enough chocolate (I went for a bit of a walk/run and the jiggling was out of control! Time to cut down. Slightly..)
Sleep deprivation can do crazy things to you. Completely alter your personality for one. It makes me angry, very short fused, irritable and I just don’t make sense of even the little things. Stacking the dishwasher seems like a mammoth task. 
I also find that it exacerbates any depressive or anxious state I may be in. My mind starts thinking things that either aren’t there or aren’t true. Pretty gnarly. 
Sleep is so super important and I think we just laugh off being tired. But being tired and being majorly sleep deprived are two very different things. Trying to look after myself when shattered is hard enough. But chuck in four little boys who are sick and need attention is challenging at the best of times. 
I know this is sounding bleak and depressing and like a big huge whinge. Well, that’s precisely what it is. Some days we all need to have a big whinge and then carry on. Because days like these don’t happen all the time. And the sunshine will break through. (She says, willing the evening to bring some solid sleep!) 😴😴😴