So I was having my end of day cleansing shower and a random thought popped into my head. I imagined being 80 years old with my life almost over and I had the overwhelming feeling of “it cant be done yet. I’m not ready!” I wonder if this is how people feel when they reach 80 years of age. I wonder if they reflect on their life with fondness or regret. I wonder if they have achieved everything they set out to do? Is our life predetermined or do we have a choice in the matter? 
I have recently turned 35 years old and I’m realising that life is going by quite fast. Since leaving high school I have done quite a bit. I have worked in a nursing home, a clothing store, as a nanny, as a preschool teacher. I have completed a university degree, lived overseas, travelled to 18 countries, got married, bought a house and had four children.

I hope that I can reach an age where I have done everything I wanted to do and not missed out on anything. I hope I can teach and inspire my boys in a way that they respect me and are proud of me. I hope to have friends with whom I have a long, funny and colourful past! I hope to have people in my life that are kindred spirits, people that are real and on my wavelength. People who can sit and chat for hours about everything. I hope to write a book someday- that feeling of pride seeing it on my bookshelf would be so incredible! And finally I hope to be a person that other people like to be around, a person that I like, a happy person who laughs every single day.