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Let's face it. No mum really knows what she's doing.


September 2016

Where do you find the time??

So I had someone recently say to me "I don't know where you find the time to blog". It wasn't said in a nice way, it was said in a way that meant 'you have four kids and a dog... Continue Reading →

Kid Fun

I've learned since becoming a mum that kids don't need super expensive, fancy toys or holidays. They can create bucket loads of fun with things such as a hose, a plastic cup, a muddy puddle and a couple of brothers. ... Continue Reading →

Towards sunshine 

Can you see that tiny white speck in the photo?  I was sitting at my favourite spot, looking out to sea. I saw a yacht sailing far in the distance, away from the storm. And it made me think. Do... Continue Reading →

The bastard that is anxiety

Anxiety.  It's a bloody bastard. It's that little hand tightening around your throat or squeezing your guts and that little voice making your brain think all sorts of irrational, untrue but very real thoughts.  When it's not there you can... Continue Reading →

Am I doing it right??

Am I doing it right? There's no such thing. Because what is right for one baby won't work for another. And sometimes what works for the baby one week won't work for the same baby two weeks later!!  If you're... Continue Reading →


So I took Leo to the dr for his four month vaccinations. She's got three girls and two younger step sons. She was talking about the difference between how girls and boys play and that what seems normal for a... Continue Reading →

Mum Tourettes

While on the phone to my brother in France, he suggested I put together a list of things I say (yell) to the kids while having a phone conversation.  Here's just a few: Get your toast out of my shoe.... Continue Reading →

Gender Disappointment 

I have always wanted to be a mother, ever since I can remember. I love children so much I even did early childhood education at university! My husband and I were married and we were blessed to fall pregnant as... Continue Reading →

Mummy’s Boys

Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of a good friend at a lovely restaurant in Mosman. Beautiful day, beautiful views of the harbour and ocean, beautiful friends and delicious food!  After lunch we browsed the little gift shop. I had brought... Continue Reading →

Writing for me

It's a strange feeling being able to write for the absolute enjoyment of writing, rather than writing for a purpose, such as a university essay or a report for work. It's exhilarating as well as nerve wracking. I'm putting my... Continue Reading →

Stuck on repeat

So this week I've had most of my boys home sick. Hayden with the flu, Noah with a double ear infection and Sam with temps and snot and coughs. So far Leo is in the clear.  As a result I've... Continue Reading →

When being mum comes first

So last night I went down to the beautiful northern beaches to visit two of my brothers. Solo. Sans children. The plan was to enjoy some crackers and cheese (and the most amazing Thai chili hummus!), sip on a glass... Continue Reading →

When I’m 80

So I was having my end of day cleansing shower and a random thought popped into my head. I imagined being 80 years old with my life almost over and I had the overwhelming feeling of “it cant be done... Continue Reading →

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