So tonight I was a total bitch. 
The past few days have been a bit shit, I’m sleep deprived thanks to Baby Leo and Sam and no one can function on majorly broken sleep. 
I had picked up Hayden and Noah from school and was trying to have two minutes silence while I took a wizz. Lo and behold I had 37 seconds before Noah came in. He gave me a piece of paper saying he made it for me at school. In my tired daze I mumbled thanks, shoved it in my back pocket (without even looking at it) and marched off to tackle the next thing that needed doing. My head was already three steps beyond where I was, in that moment with my son. 
Roll on a few hours and all boys were in bed, fast asleep. It was time for my cleansing end of day shower. I took my jeans off and felt the bit of paper in the back pocket. I opened it up and saw this beautiful drawing of what could only be Noah and myself (with possible pitchfork hands!!) standing on a pool?? (I’ll check with him in the morning)
My heart sank and tears welled in my eyes. My sweet child had taken time out of his day to draw a picture just for me, folded it up, brought it home and gave it to me. He must have been a bit proud and wanted some sort of acknowledgement and all he got was a dismissive mother. Bitch. 
So first thing in the morning I’ll make a huge fuss to ease this bloody mothers guilt that we are plagued with as soon as that damn sperm meets that egg!