What you’re not told about becoming a mum…. 
That is starts from the moment you conceive. You’re responsible for that little bean growing inside you which means you can’t drink, you can’t eat Camenbert, you can’t relax in a hot tub, so a romantic weekend to the Hunter Valley is definitely off the cards!!
They don’t tell you your fingers will get so fat you can’t wear your rings and you’ll probably develop cankles. 
They don’t tell you that you’ll need a forklift to roll you over in bed but there’s little point being in bed because you can’t sleep anyway. 
They don’t tell you that you’ll be excited for those contractions to start, but once you’re well into it that you’ll think you’re dying (yes, even after four labours I still thought I was dying)
They don’t tell you you’ll shit yourself with the force of pushing a human out your vagina, but you will have no idea (unless you hear the nurse ask the other nurse to wipe it away!)
They don’t tell you that indescribable feeling of pure love you’ll feel for someone you’ve only just met, even though they look like a really old wrinkly tiny alien. 
You’re not told that after hours of holding a screaming baby you’ll want to do anything to make it stop, and you’ll understand how people shake their babies. But you’ll know to put that screaming baby down and walk away for a few minutes to gather yourself, remove yourself from the moment and go back in to conquer that little turd. 
You’re not told how much your heart hurts with love for these mini humans that you created and how amazing it is to look into their eyes and wonder how their lives will turn out. 
You’re not told how special you feel when your toddler looks right into your eyes, tells you he loves you and wriggles in for a mumma cuddle. 
You’re not told how bloody weird it is that we can make people. We can make a cake. We can make a bed. And we can have some rompy pompy under the covers and make an entire human being. 
Being a mum involves so many different emotions. Happiness, excitement, joy, anger, frustration, hopelessness, love. Enjoy the ride, learn as much as you can and be kind to one another.