This is absolute bollocks. I woke last night with that queasy feeling in my guts. Like I’d partaken in far too much vodka and was now paying the consequences. 

But it was a Monday night. I’d done the dinner/shower/bed routine for the four boys and they were finally asleep (actually it’s surprising I didn’t have any vodka!).
Son no 1 awoke, crying with tummy cramps. Heat pack and nurofen sorted that. The queasiness in my guts didn’t leave. Son no 4 started stirring so I took him out of our room so as not to wake hubby and I tried to settle him in his room. He went back to sleep, I hurled my guts up. I can tell you I won’t be having home made nachos for a long while…. 
I doze off in the armchair. Baby awakes. Feeding time. I would rather have my head down the toilet but duty calls. Can’t have a hungry baby now can we??
It took all my energy to get the bottle warmed, add the formula, shake it up (yes each little action made my bones ache!) and sit down to feed, all the while trying my best not to touch him and cross contaminate!
I made it to 1am before I made the decision to text mum for help. There was no way in hell I could care for those boys in my state. 
It’s now almost 24 hrs later. Son no 3 has croup. Son no 1 has a suspected urinary tract infection or is badly constipated. X-ray in the morning. I feel like every part of my skin hurts including under my eyeballs.
I crawled back into bed after feeding baby so hubby could wolf his dinner down and take over and I thought how rubbish it is being mum and being sick. I am so thankful my amazing mum took a day off work to care for me and my boys (including picking up Son no 1 from school sick bay!), and equally thankful for hubby taking tomorrow off so I can get better. 
Those Mumma Bears out there without family help or single Mumma Bears who have to soldier on, I fucking salute you. Somehow from the depths of who knows where you find the strength to put your needs behind those of your kids and just do it.